Application Information

New Star Scholarship Foundation, one of the biggest scholarship foundations in the US, was established to cultivate and nurture young leaders of next generations who have the potential to be influential both to Korea and the United States of America.

Required Documents

New Star Scholarship Foundation Application (to download, visit
Letter of Recommendation (Teachers/Lecturers or Ministers/Pastors)
A copy of transcripts/Academic Evaluations.
Personal Essay (Please provide an essay discussing either a role model in your life, your family's impact on your growth, or your financial need for this scholarship.)
A copy of Passport, Driver's License, or ID.
A copy of Admission Letter from college or university (for those who plan to enroll in four-year college)
Compliance Notice of Internal Revenue Service Code for Public Charities :

Since the New Star Scholarship Foundation operates as a non-profit organization that is officially registered with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), it is obligated to ensure that the required documents are received. If the scholarship foundation loses its tax-exempt status due to insufficient documents during a potential IRS audit, all existing donations may become taxable, which may lead to problems related to the existence of the scholarship foundation. Therefore, All scholars must prepare and submit all required documents requested.. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


G.P.A : Grade received from total courses.
Community Service : Review types of community work and services performed by applicants.
Leadership : Developing and building leadership involving curricular activities.
* Included fields: Eligibility for disability and low income family.*

New Star Foundation

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